16 Day Summer Slim-down
Finally a gym where everyone can have fun and feel comfortable
working out while losing weight & getting in GREAT shape!
Your 16 Day Slim-down Includes:

- No one size fits all, cookie cutter workouts here!
Each session is designed to target & tone your specific problem areas.

- Melt fat in a fun, judgement free environment!
- Every workout is different to keep you from getting bored & will be leveled to your abilities.

No dangerous fad diets just an easy to follow, healthy meal plan

- We're always here to help!



Don't let this opportunity
pass you by!

-->> Personal training sessions are in small groups of 2-5 people &
are scheduled at 6AM, 8AM, 8:45AM, 5:30PM, & 6:20PM 
-->> Bootcamp workouts are scheduled at 5:30 AM, 8 AM, 9:30 AM, or 7 PM
-->> Program must be used for 16 consecutive days
-->> Once purchased, program must be started by December 31st, 2017
Julie Byers
Wake Forest
"This is the first time in my life that I can say I enjoy fitness. Working out has always been very intimidating to me. What to do, when to do, how to do, how much and where to go has always paralyzed me. I have finally found my solution and place that works. John and all the professional trainers at Kuzora Fitness are kind, knowledgeable and personable. They have helps me feel comfortable in a wonderful environment. I love all the members there and truly look forward to exercising to help myself become stronger and healthier. My decision to join Kuzora Fitness has changed my lifestyle and helped me gain a self awareness I did not know existed. I am very thankful." 
Addie Armstrong
Wake Forest
"John Kuzora and his staff are simply amazing; not only is my body changing on the outside, I am changing on the inside. My confidence is emerging and I am constantly surprising myself with what I am able to do. John is great at developing a plan that will work for YOU and pushing you. This is the only place I have ever felt comfortable completely being myself and admitting my fears and weaknesses. The trainers are all patient and have modified the program to meet me where I am. You won't find another group that genuinely cares about helping you be the best you can be!"
Lois Smith
Wake Forest
"I never realized how out of shape and how much energy I lacked until I started working out at Kuzora Fitness. After just a couple of weeks, I felt good about myself and have more energy now than I had in the past. John Kuzora and his training staff are great and know exactly what each individual needs to do to get in shape and what each person is actually capable of doing. They are also very personable and literally care about their clients. I've tried other gyms, but I came back to Kuzora Fitness because I get results there and the people are just so friendly. I never thought at my age that I'd actually look forward to going to the gym, but I do. Everyone from the trainers to the other clients are caring, friendly, helpful and encouraging."
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